Points to pay attention to during the removal and installation of linear guides

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We understand the use of linear guides very well, so what do we know when disassembling and installing the linear guides? Once it is disassembled and the device is not properly installed, it will directly form the damage of the linear guide. Then we should pay attention to it during the process of disassembly. The following is a list of things to be aware of during the disassembly and installation process.
The problem to be noticed when disassembling the linear guide:
1. There are plastic parts on the end of the linear guide slider and the side surface. Do not hammer with the hard rocket when the device is installed. Do not let any object hit it when it is over-tested after the device is tested. Break, the ball will roll out and the slider will fall
2. The linear guide has a lubricating oil before leaving the factory. If it is to be cleaned, it must be dried first, live in the lubricating oil at home, and prohibit the linear guide from running without lubrication.
3. If it is not necessary, do not remove the slider from the linear guide. If you do not want to unload it, be sure to align the auxiliary linear guide first and remove the slider.
4. It is forbidden to disassemble the components of the linear guides at will, which affects the accuracy and sensitivity. It is forbidden to install the non-compliant balls on the linear guides at will.
Straight rail device should pay attention to the question:
1. When the machine level is corrected, two equal-weight blocks and a marble ruler should be placed on the base of the device, and the level of the base should be placed on a fine level to adjust the base level. The requirement is that the base is convex (2~3 grids).
2. The roughness of the base surface of the linear guide device. When the horizontal adjustment is completed, the flatness of the base surface of the main linear guide device must be measured by a laser interferometer to allow a convexity of 0.05 mm per 10 m and full straightness. Roughness requirement of 1.6, appearance without casting defects.
3. When the linear guide device base surface and the guide rail side reference device surface are chamfered, the chamfer radius is less than or equal to 3.5 mm.
4. The machining of the threaded hole of the base rail of the linear guide device should be confirmed. The orientation of the screw hole of the device is accurate. The intermediate spacing of each connected screw hole is 120mm larger than 0.1mm or less than 0.1mm. To ensure high precision screw hole machining, CNC is required. Equipment positioning processing.
5. After opening the box, check whether the linear guide has a certificate of conformity, whether it is bumped or rusted, clean and clean the rust preventive oil, and remove the burrs, impact projections and dirt on the exterior.