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Linear guide precision and cleaning requirements

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The main function of the linear guide on the machine tool is to play a role of guiding and supporting to a certain extent. This kind of effect is very important in production. People can not only make the production efficiency more comprehensive when using it. The key to improvement is to have a good guarantee of the quality of production. Since the linear guides are available, the precision of the bows and arrows processed by the machine can be guaranteed. If the linear guide rails want to ensure the precision, people need to have good guidance during the operation, and then the smooth running state is a necessary condition for machine tool processing, but such equipment is During the operation, there will be a problem of the use of linear guides due to a large amount of air separation or smoke, and the main reason for these problems is that the spool surface of the linear guide has a relatively large amount of dirt.

In order to effectively ensure the good operation of the linear guide rail, the quality of the processed workpiece is guaranteed to a certain extent, so it is necessary to do the routine maintenance work on the linear guide rail. For cleaning, use a rag, use a softer dry rag, and then clean it, and apply oil in time. The main method of the linear guide during the operation is to effectively move the laser head to the left side before cleaning, and then the linear guide will be presented to the people to some extent. In this case, the clean rag is repeatedly scrubbed. Guide the wiper to a level that is bright. This allows the prepared lubricant to be evenly applied to the linear guide.