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What is the level of the linear guide?

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The linear motion guide acts to support and guide the moving parts. Linear guides, also known as slide rails, linear guides, and linear slides, are used for linear reciprocating applications. They have a higher rated load than linear bearings, and can withstand a certain amount of torque, enabling high-precision straight lines under high load conditions. Motion. Linear bearings are mainly used in automation machinery, such as machine tools imported from Germany, paper bowl machines, laser welding machines, etc. Of course, linear bearings and linear shafts are used together. Linear guides are mainly used for comparison of precision requirements. On a high mechanical structure, the slider - transforms the motion from a curve to a straight line.

(1) Self-aligning ability: DF (45-¡ã45)¡ã combination from circular groove, when it is installed, by the elastic deformation of the steel ball and the transfer of the contact point, even if the mounting surface is somewhat deviated, It is absorbed by the inside of the line slider, and the effect of self-aligning ability is generated to obtain a smooth motion with high precision and stability.
(2) Interchangeability: Due to the strict control of production and manufacturing precision, the size of the linear guide can be maintained within a certain level, and the slider has a retainer design to prevent the steel ball from falling off, so some series of precision are interchangeable. Customers can order rails or sliders as needed, or store rails and sliders separately to reduce storage space.
(3) High rigidity in all directions: using four-row circular groove and 45-degree contact angle of four rows of steel balls, the steel ball can reach the ideal two-point contact structure and can withstand loads from up and down and left and right directions; Preloading can be applied as necessary to increase rigidity.