Linear Rail Low Assembly MSB Series Interchangeability

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In 1990, it mainly produced ball guide rods, linear guides and linear modules, key components of precision machinery, mainly supplying machine tools, electric discharge machines, wire cutting machines, plastic injection molding machines, semiconductor equipment, precision positioning and other various equipment. With the machine. In recent years, there has been a lot of manpower and effort in improving process, product accuracy and quality.
PMI, MSB series linear guides are designed with four rows of arc contact and 45° contact angles. They provide the same rated load capacity in four directions: radial, reverse radial and transverse directions, regardless of X, Y, Z and other axes. Various mounting methods can be used, and the preload can be uniformly applied while maintaining low frictional resistance, and the rigidity of the four force directions is enhanced, which is particularly suitable for high-precision and high-load motion.
The patented lubricating oil circuit design can uniformly inject lubricating grease into each circulation loop, which can obtain the best lubrication effect regardless of various installation methods, and improve the overall walking smoothness and service life, achieving high precision and high Reliability and smooth and stable linear motion requirements.
High positioning accuracy and good reproducibility:
The linear sliding rail has a smooth rolling motion mode, and the friction coefficient is particularly small. In particular, the gap between the static friction force and the dynamic friction force is small, and there is no idling and slipping phenomenon even when the micro-feeding is performed, and the resolution and reproducibility are optimal. Positioning accuracy of μm level can be achieved.
Easy to assemble and interchangeable features:
The installation of the linear slide rail can reduce the processing precision of the linear slide rail by a certain assembly step on the mounting surface of the milling or grinding process, which can reduce the time and cost of the conventional shovel processing. And its interchangeable features allow the slider to be mounted on the same type of slide rails at the same time, while maintaining the same smoothness and precision. The machine assembly is the easiest and the maintenance is the easiest.