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Linear guide removal precautions

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Nowadays, whether it is production or processing, there are automatic equipment. If the machine wants to achieve automation, it needs the help of the transmission equipment. The linear guide is one of the transmission equipments. It is not only a high-precision rail accessory, but also a highly flexible one. Transmission components.
Nowadays, automation equipment has been used by more and more enterprises. The quality of linear guides is very high. Only high-quality bearings can increase the efficiency and save costs. The linear guides of Wanji Precision Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. can be used. To do this, their products have been widely used in mechanical watches, robots, CNC machine tools and other equipment. The most important thing to use the rail type equipment is the later maintenance. When the maintenance personnel disassemble and disassemble the linear guide rails, the guide rails are damaged due to improper disassembly or installation, which not only increases our cost, but also increases the cost. It is a pity that unnecessary waste is caused.

Linear guides are high-precision navigation accessories. When installing or disassembling, you must be very attentive. Otherwise, it will be troublesome if the four sides are not flat and the precision is lowered. What should I pay attention to during the removal of the linear guide?
1. There are plastic parts on the end and side of the linear guide slider. Please do not use a hard tool to hammer when installing. Do not let any object impact when it is over-speed after installation. If the plastic parts are broken, the balls will be It will roll out and the slider will drop.
2. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble the components of the linear guide rails at will, which affects the accuracy and flexibility. It is strictly forbidden to install the balls that do not meet the requirements for the linear guides.
3. If it is not necessary, do not remove the slider from the linear guide. If you do not want to unload it, be sure to align the auxiliary linear guide first and remove the slider.
4, the linear guide before leaving the factory a lubricant, if you want to clean, one must first dry, live at home, the linear guide is strictly prohibited to run without lubrication.
If the machine needs to be replaced, do not operate it without the guidance of a professional.
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