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Blowing machine linear guide use note

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Linear guides are attributed to precision parts, so they require a fairly stable attitude when used. Even if a high-performance linear guide is used, if it is used improperly, it cannot reach the intended function and easily damage the linear guide. Therefore, the following matters should be noted when using linear guides:

1. Prevent rust

When taking the linear guide directly by hand, wash the sweat on your hands and apply high-quality mineral oil before handling. Pay special attention to rust prevention during the dry season and summer.

2. Keep the environment clean

Keeping the linear guides and their surroundings clean Even if small dust that is invisible to the naked eye enters the guide rails, it will increase the wear, oscillation and noise of the guide rails.

3. Installation should be carefully

Linear guides should be carefully and carefully used during installation. Strong stamping is not allowed. It is not allowed to hit the guide rail directly with a hammer. It is not allowed to transmit pressure through the roll.

4. The installation tool should be suitable

Linear guides use special tools with appropriate and precise installation tools to prevent the use of tools such as cloth and staple fibers.

Rail maintenance

     The guide rail and linear shaft are one of the core components of the equipment, and its function is to guide and support. In order to ensure high machining accuracy, the guide rail and straight line are required to have high guiding precision and excellent motion stability. During the operation of the equipment, many corrosive dusts and fumes will occur during the processing of the workpiece. These smokes and dusts accumulate on the guide rail and the linear shaft surface for a long time, which has a great influence on the processing precision of the equipment. An etch point is formed on the surface of the linear axis of the guide rail to shorten the service life of the device. In order to make the machine work properly and ensure the processing quality of the product, it is necessary to carefully protect the daily protection of the guide rail and the linear shaft.
     Note: Please clean the guide rails - dry cotton cloth, smooth oil, linear guide cleaning: first move the laser head to the far right (or left side), find the linear guide, scrub with a dry cotton cloth until the light is clean, plus A small amount of smooth oil (can use sewing machine oil, do not use oil), slowly push the laser head a few times to make the smooth oil evenly distributed. Cleaning the roller guide: Move the beam to the inside, open the end cover on both sides of the machine, find the guide rail, clean the local guides with the roller on both sides with a dry cotton cloth, and then move the beam to clean and clean the rest.