How to adjust the running speed of the miniature linear guide?

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China Automation Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition has ended. We believe that from this exhibition, in the face of breakthroughs in technological innovation and civilization, many enterprises have upgraded from the original traditional model to intelligent automation, and gradually realized the integration process. Greatly improve production efficiency and ensure product quality, thus bringing more profit and profit to the enterprise. At present, most of the industrial equipment uses linear guides for transmission components, occupying the entire machinery.
In the main position of the machine tool manufacturing industry, in the face of the impact of today's market, how to effectively operate the micro-linear guide rails to ensure the accuracy level of the products? Here is the Shenzhen Weilipu automation engineer to explain to the user. As a fixed component of the machine, since the moving path of the slider is linear, not linear, the speed is mainly the main axis, which is also the main feature of the miniature linear guide. Compared with the flat guide rail, the micro-linear guide rail is more convenient to install and operate, and its accuracy is also improved. Although the accuracy problem is sometimes affected by some wear and tear, it has no effect on its carrying capacity.

   Some manufacturers in the linear guide manufacturing process, in order to ensure the precision of its operation, will make a geometric plane on the cross section of the bed body, in most cases, through the inward processing tank, the sliding element can be Exercise, but the speed of this process depends mainly on the performance configuration of different models. In addition, when processing the plane of the linear guide, it is necessary to handle the rail mounting surface to adjust it so as to improve the operation speed of the precision. On the other hand, from the basic appearance of the guide rail, it can be seen that the design of the panel is mainly black, and has potential performance on the driver and interface, which is convenient for the operator to configure and maintain. For its internal structure, the DC output power supply is used for automatic monitoring and monitoring, so that the control system can achieve a variety of diversification.