What should you pay attention to when disassembling the linear guide?

Time:2018/10/7Author:adminClick: 1246
Because the main function of the linear guide is to support, or to guide the moving parts, and then the linear guide will reciprocate according to the given direction; according to the nature of the conflict, the movement of the linear guide can be divided into It is: the rolling contact rail, the fluid resisting rail, the sliding resisting rail and the elastic resisting rail.

Moreover, at the end of the slider of the linear guide, and the plastic parts around it, when using the equipment, it is not possible to hammer it with a hard or pointed object, and the equipment is put into use after the test. When using overspeed, it is not allowed to cause damage to the linear guide. When the linear guide is shipped from the factory, it needs to be injected with lubricating oil. If it needs to be cleaned, then it needs to wait after cleaning. Allow it to dry completely before you can inject the right amount of oil. It is forbidden to directly move the linear guide without lubrication. If conditions permit, it is best to remove the slider directly, because the whole process of disassembly is complicated and the installation is troublesome. It is recommended that if it is necessary to disassemble, the linear guide can be directly aligned using an auxiliary tool and then the slider can be removed. It is absolutely impossible to disassemble the slider at will, so as to avoid serious effects on sensitivity and accuracy.