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An inspection process for linear guides

Time£º2018/10/20Author£ºadminClick£º 1624
It is important to check the linear guides. It is an important part of the machine to drive the machine to rotate.

When the staff is in good condition to check the operation of the machine, it must be completely reviewed, and a long-term view plan should be drawn up. Viewing the status is an important task to avoid the problem. Check the linear guide as soon as possible. Avoid equipment that simply shows the appearance of downtime during the curing period. Machines that are not everything can be accurately installed with this leading instrument. Under normal conditions, the operator who operates the machine or the designer who maintains the machine must signal the announcement of the linear guide.

  It is necessary to use time to maintain a certain degree of alertness. For example, using the human auditory system to distinguish between sound and temperature and the number of oscillations is normal. This is a very simple method. Sometimes, some professional personnel use electronic stethoscopes. To see which part has an abnormal sound. If the guide rail is in normal condition, it will be quietly announced. If you hear the machine announce a sharp point or other sharp and unpleasant, this situation will further explain the operation of the guide rail. Usually such appearance is due to the direct formation of lubricating oil. Just paint some lubricants properly.

  No matter what kind of manufacturer these skills belong to, or what other countries, as long as these skills are beneficial to the development of their own guide rails, then you need to learn and attract.