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The friction of the linear guide is inevitable

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In most cases, fluid lubrication is limited to the boundary area, and direct friction caused by metal contact is unavoidable, in which a large amount of energy is wasted by friction loss.

  In most cases, only grease lubrication is sufficient, which makes the lubrication system planning and maintenance of the machine tool very easy to rotate the linear guide between the slider and the guide rail with a slight gap or a negative gap, so it can be extremely The overall rigidity and activity accuracy of the large progressive rail. | *I allows a large load) G slider and guide rail precision together into a whole, rigid, four biased and equal load, is to have a larger load bearing ability. Maintenance and lightness\"The innovative design of the E2 self-lubricating module product combines the detachable view, so that the linear guide can extend its maintenance cycle. The E2 self-running module has the features of cost-saving, clean and environmentally friendly, and is suitable for maneuvering and disassembly. Easy and easy to maintain, the Clear Fuel Tank program allows you to view the amount of oil at any time and use a responsive lubricant that can be used in exceptional situations such as dust, harsh weather and water.

  The self-lubricating module can not only increase the convenience of user maintenance, but also its modular plan allows customers to directly purchase the E2 self-lubricating module kit to the slider to achieve the function of lubricating parts. The high efficiency of the machine plan is due to the elastic deformation of the steel ball in the rotating linear guide to receive the deviation of the placement surface, so that the flatness request of the basic surface of the guide rail can be lowered, and the machining cost is lowered. The linear guide has a feature of averaging the alignment deviations such as the verticality, the flatness, and the crossover which are generated when the base of the guide rail is processed and assembled, and then receiving the same. Therefore, the adoption of linear guides can greatly improve the effectiveness of the machine plan.

  The friction loss of the rolling surface is also reduced accordingly, so that the linear rolling guide system can be in a high-precision state for a long time.