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Linear guides are mainly used on automated machinery

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Square rails can also be used with preload conditions, from light loads (3% of rated dynamic load) to heavy loads (13% of rated dynamic load). Typical applications for square rails are in the machine tool industry where load capacity, stiffness and accuracy are critical. Since the bearing has withstood an initial deformation, the heavy preload further reduces the amount of deformation under load. So far, we have discussed bearings that use spherical ball elements. It is worth noting that if you need a higher (more than twice) load capacity than a square ball guide without increasing the envelope size, you can also choose a square guide bearing with a cylindrical roller type component. The function of the linear motion guide is to support and guide the moving parts to make a reciprocating linear motion in a given direction. Depending on the nature of the friction, linear motion guides can be classified into sliding friction guides, rolling friction guides, elastic friction guides, and fluid friction guides. Linear bearings are mainly used in automation machinery, such as machine tools imported from Germany, paper bowl machines, laser welding machines, etc. Of course, linear bearings and linear shafts are used together.
        Linear guides are mainly used on mechanical structures with relatively high precision requirements. Rolling balls are used without moving intermediate media between the moving and fixed components of the linear guides. Because the rolling steel ball is suitable for high-speed movement, small friction coefficient and high sensitivity, it can meet the working requirements of moving parts, such as tool holders and carriages of machine tools. If the force acting on the steel ball is too large, the steel ball is subjected to the preloading time for too long, resulting in an increase in the kinematic resistance of the bracket. There is a problem of balance here; in order to improve the sensitivity of the system and reduce the resistance to motion, the preload is reduced accordingly, and in order to improve the accuracy of motion and the accuracy, it is required to have sufficient pre-added negative numbers. aspect. The design of the rail system strives to maximize the contact area between the fixed component and the moving component. This not only improves the load carrying capacity of the system, but also the system can withstand the impact force generated by intermittent cutting or gravity cutting, spreading the force widely and expanding the bearing capacity. The area of force. In order to achieve this, the shape of the groove of the guide rail system is various, and there are two representative ones, one is called the Gothic type (the pointed arch type), the shape is the extension of the semicircle, the contact point is the apex; the other It is a circular arc and can play the same role.