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Linear guide speed

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Linear motion is almost ubiquitous in our daily life and work environment. From the point of view of industrial technology, linear motion has the following measures: rigidity, precision and speed; different applications have different requirements for linear motion; for example, in the machine tool industry, the main requirements for linear motion are rigidity and precision. Used to achieve precise motion path control; automatic loading and unloading, the main requirements for linear motion are speed and rigidity, used to achieve fast point-to-point point control, which requires the use of high-speed linear guides.

At present, linear guides for linear motion are used worldwide, mainly ball linear guides and roller linear guides. Ball linear guides, mainly used in high rigidity and high precision applications, such as the machine tool industry; and roller linear guides, mainly used in high-speed factory automation projects, high line speeds over 10m / s, high-speed linear guides Typical representative.