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What should I do if the slider in the linear guide is dropped?

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As we all know, now we can see the existence of the guide rails everywhere, which also means that the place of the guide rail is more and more important. When we are using it, the fault is also a common problem. So how should we solve it? The following small series will take the linear guide to tell everyone, when the slider of the linear guide is dropped, how can we solve it?

Generally, the slider beads of the linear guide rails are peeled off. The main reason is that we have improper installation. The following small series will tell you the correct installation method!

In fact, before we can solve the reason why the linear guide slider is detached, we can imagine what is the source of this problem. First of all, we must know whether the staff who install the guide rail slider have a certain understanding of the installation method, such as making good use of the clamp rail. If you don't understand, we will start from this aspect, and it will greatly prevent the beads of the guide rail from falling off.

In addition, we can use anti-adhesive glue to adhere to both sides of the slide rail, so that we do not fall off easily when using. We can also buy rubber belts on the market that are worn at the ends of the rail holes (without affecting the use of the rails).

In fact, there are many ways to avoid the falling off of the beads on the linear guide slider. If you look at it more, you will gradually become familiar with it. After all, you can make it happen. We will also accumulate a lot of knowledge in this area. Get familiar with it. In this way, the more methods we accumulate, the more difficult it is to solve the problem of linear guide rail failure, and the situation that the slider's beads fall off will appear less and less, even if it appears, it can be solved in time.