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The use of fine micro-linear guides

Time£º2018/11/25Author£ºadminClick£º 1744
Regardless of the choice of products, people always choose from the principle of high quality and affordable price. From small household goods to large industrial products, this principle is dominant. There are a variety of models and types of guide rails, and the most common ones are linear guides and ball guides. Today's popular miniature linear guides are not only inexpensive but also highly practical.

Accuracy is the selection factor of the guide rail. The miniature linear guide integrates various high precisions of the linear guide rail, which makes the movement smooth during the use process, and rarely vibrates. The most important thing is that there is no crawling phenomenon. Because of the exquisite design of the micro-linear guide rail, there is basically no friction during the movement, so the heat generated is also very small, and the driving rate is small without generating large wear and tear. Finally, the slider mechanism of the linear guide is simple to set up, and the lubrication is also convenient, which also reduces friction, which is an important aspect for repeated use. In general, the widespread use of linear guides is also for a reason.