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Analysis of noise situation of large linear guide rails

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Analysis of noise situation of large linear guide rails
       What should I do about the noise generated by the large linear guides during operation? First of all, we have to analyze the noise that occurs during the use of large guide rails.

1. Preloading will be different for different equipment, which will also lead to noise conditions;
2. In the dusty industry, the noise situation of large guide rails is also prone to occur;
3, the lubrication of the grease is different, the same as the noise of the large guide rail;

Through the analysis of the above points, we will analyze and deal with this aspect of the problem, how to solve it is more appropriate:

1. According to different equipment, the preload can be properly adjusted before use;
2. In industries with large dust, we can install a dust cover when using large guide rails. Usually, manufacturers will have stocks;
3, for different types of large rails, we must choose the appropriate special mechanical lubricants;

In short, in the actual application process, it may be caused by other reasons.