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New product development of domestic linear guide transmission components

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Manufacturing process and equipment for mass production of precision high-speed domestic linear guides.

High-speed, high-rigidity, low-noise precision rolling linear guide pair for linear motors.

Based on the needs of the mainframe, we will develop intelligent, composite, mechatronic high-performance rolling features.

High-precision rigid roller linear guide pair for heavy-duty CNC machine tools.

Japanese bearing companies value the development of manufacturing technology and technology and develop green products for rolling functional parts.

In terms of improving the level of manufacturing technology:

- Develop new materials, thermal processing and equipment to meet dimensional stability, reliability, formability and productivity requirements.

The linear guide rail and the ball screw precision cold rolling process and equipment have been localized. Rolling bearings are not simple mechanical parts below the P3 level in the general sense. It can fully promote the development of the cold rolling process.

Introduce and digest the "CNC precision cyclone hard milling" technology to make the equipment localized, so that the cyclone milling method can replace some of the thread grinding below P3.

The optimized design of the ball return device and the industrialization of the one-shot manufacturing technology.

A related technique for improving the accuracy of the raceway contour.

In summary, our linear guide function industry has significant gaps with foreign counterparts in terms of development scale, business philosophy, and corporate management. This gap has seriously hindered the development of the equipment manufacturing industry and is not conducive to the revitalization of national industries.

It is hoped that the state will focus on supporting one or two key enterprises, and the axis tolerance zone with different basic deviations will form a coordination system. As soon as possible, form a commercial manufacturing base integrating science, industry and trade. The production base must take the road of specialized production, promote the scale by specialization; introduce advanced technology, carry out independent innovation work on this basis; establish an industrial technology center to produce efficient and practical