What is the flexibility of the linear guide steel ball? Will it fall off?

Time:2019/1/11Author:adminClick: 2022
Performance characteristics of rolling linear guide pairs:
The positioning accuracy is relatively high; it is not easy to creep when running at low speed. The movement of the rolling linear guide is realized by the rolling of the steel ball, the frictional resistance of the guide rail is small, the difference between the dynamic and static frictional resistance is small, and the crawling is not easy at low speed.
The bearing capacity is strong; the rolling linear guide pair has better bearing performance, can withstand the force and moment loads in different directions, can withstand the forces in the up, down, left and right directions, as well as the jolting moment, the shaking moment and the swinging moment.
Therefore, it has good load adaptability. Appropriate preloading in design and manufacture can increase the resistance to improve vibration resistance while eliminating high frequency vibration.

The steel balls inside the linear guides are highly flexible and can automatically adjust the structure of the steel balls inside. Therefore, the steel ball can achieve high-precision movement after being used with the slider, and the friction resistance is very small, and it is very flexible in the process of moving.