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What is the loss of micro-rail work?

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Regarding the installation and maintenance of miniature linear guides, it is necessary to pay attention to the method. First, install them on the plane, select the appropriate components, East China, use miniature linear guides to achieve better functions, and the micro linear guides can assist many mechanical engineering. operation.

The bracket wraps the top and sides of the guide rail. In order to support the components of the machine tool, the micro linear guide rail needs at least four brackets. The steel ball rolls back and forth in the direct groove, and the wear amount of the micro linear guide rail can be directly distributed to each steel ball. On, then extend the operating life of the linear guide.

The preloading can advance the stability of the guide rail system and divide it onto the guide rail. This time division loss depends on the force on the steel ball. If the preloading time is too long, the activity resistance of the micro linear guide rail will increase. The time-division loss will also improve, so you should pay attention to the direction and position during the installation process.