How to do rust prevention work for linear guides

Time:2019/3/27Author:adminClick: 1757
The reason why the linear guide rails will rust is mainly because we don’t know enough about it. Normal linear guide rails need to be wiped with anti-rust oil before leaving the factory. However, after using it for a period of time, it is still There will be more serious rust.

After the end of the use of the linear guide, we need to apply anti-rust oil on the surface again. This is very important for anti-rust. Although it should be applied at the factory, it is definitely used during the process. It will evaporate because of the passage of time, and rust is inevitable.

After applying the anti-rust oil to the linear guide, it should be placed in a warehouse at room temperature. It should not be mixed with corrosive objects, nor can it be stored directly on the floor of the warehouse. Since the ground will speed up the evaporation of anti-rust oil, this requires everyone to pay more attention when using it.