Insufficient comparison between domestic linear guide rail production and internationally renowned companies

Time:2019/4/2Author:adminClick: 1743
The imported linear guides such as the Taiwan series of linear guides have a large production scale; the production models are all; the start is earlier than some domestic domestic linear guide manufacturers. The electromechanical identification method has a high level of information management. With the cost and speed of large-scale intensive manufacturing, it offers a wide range of products to meet the individual needs of users.

The company has strong funds and greatly improves the speed of industrialization through vibration acceleration detection.

-The product is novel, the new product research and development speed is fast, and it is very sensitive to market demand. Every year, a number of independent intellectual property products with the flavor of the times are launched and patents are quickly applied. The process level is high, the numerical control rate of the equipment is high, the production efficiency is high, and the product quality is stable.

Chengda Transmission has advanced testing instruments and product performance testing equipment, which provides quality assurance for the mass production of domestic linear guide slider products, and provides users with test data and performance comparison curves.

- We can not only provide users with the hardware products they need, but also provide software services to users.

In recent years, some well-known foreign companies are keeping up with the trend of the times and the development direction of mainframes. Rolling functional components are developing in the direction of high speed, precision, heavy load, compound, intelligent and environmental protection. The new products currently on the market are: hollow strong cooling, line speed 80-120m/m in, high-speed precision ball screw pair; nut main drive high-speed linear transmission; intelligent roller linear guide pair, high stiffness damping slider, Heavy-duty roller linear guide pair; ball screw, ball spline, rolling linear guide pair. Integrated transmission; ball screw and nut. Achieve cold and low temperature high speed ball screw pair; self-wetting, maintenance-free green rolling functional parts.