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Knowledge about the accuracy of CPC linear guides

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The function of the CPC linear guide is to support and guide the moving parts, and the reciprocating linear motion is always performed in a given direction. The CPC linear guide has two basic components, one as a fixed component for guiding and the other as a moving component. Since the cpc linear guide is a standard component, the only thing that must be done for the machine tool builder is the equality of the plane in which the guide rail is mounted and the alignment rail.

In order to better ensure the accuracy of the machine tool, a small amount of scraping of the bed or column is very necessary. In most cases, the installation is relatively simple. The basic function of the fixed element (rail) of the CPC linear guide system is like a bearing ring, a bracket for mounting a steel ball, and the shape is a "v" shape. Because the guide rail is made up of 13 1m long precision guide rails on the basic rail. In order to facilitate the splicing and debugging of the precision guide rail, we divide the process into two steps: coarse adjustment of the rail and fine adjustment of the precision guide rail.

Cpc linear guide coarse adjustment We use the pull wire method, put a slider on the rail, and install a graduated microscope with a scale on the slider. The microscope lens is aligned with a wire with a diameter of 0.3mm, and the lens is placed vertically. Fix the steel wire at one end of the rail, and hang a heavy hammer through the pulley at the other end, then adjust the ends of the steel wire so that the wire coincides with the scribe line on the lens when the microscope is at both ends of the rail. At this point, the wire is already an ideal straight line in the horizontal plane, in other words a reference. Move the slider to check the straightness of any position on the rail and adjust it until the full length of the rail is within the range of 0.3mm in the horizontal plane.

Then, use the matching method to install the precision guide rail. At this time, the straightness of the precision guide rail in the horizontal plane is within the range of 0.3 mm, which brings convenience for further adjustment. The bracket wraps the top and the two sides of the guide rail. The guide rail is a hardened steel. After fine grinding, it is placed on the mounting plane. The performance of the rolling linear guide pair is high. The movement of the rolling cpc linear guide is realized by the rolling of the steel ball, the frictional resistance of the guide rail is small, the difference between the static and dynamic frictional resistance is small, and the crawling is not easy at low speed. Repeated positioning accuracy is suitable for moving parts that are frequently activated or reversed. The machine positioning accuracy can be set to the ultra-micron level. At the same time, according to the need, the preload is appropriately increased to ensure that the steel ball does not slip, achieve smooth motion, and reduce the impact and vibration of the motion. Less wear and tear. For fluid lubrication of the sliding guide surface, the motion accuracy error caused by the floating of the oil film is unavoidable. In most cases, fluid lubrication is limited to the boundary area, and direct friction caused by metal contact is unavoidable, in which a large amount of energy is wasted by friction loss. In contrast, the rolling contact has a small frictional energy consumption and the frictional loss of the rolling surface is correspondingly reduced, so that the rolling linear guide system can be in a high-precision state for a long time. At the same time, the use of lubricating oil is also very small, which makes it very easy to design and use the lubrication system of the machine tool.

The accuracy of CPC linear guides is necessary for us to troubleshoot, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble in future work.