Linear guide oil selection

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The following factors are mainly considered when selecting linear guide lubricants:

A. Select the lubricating oil viscosity according to the sliding speed and average pressure of the linear guide.

B. Rail lubricant used as a hydraulic medium at the same time.

C. According to the practical application of machine tool guide lubrication at home and abroad, choose lubricating oil. Lubricating oil for hydrostatic guides.

        Choosing the right lubricant is an important step to improve work efficiency. The use of lubricants is to better use the machine and better maintain the machine guides.

1. The guide rail lubricant used must meet the lubrication requirements of the guide rail and at the same time serve as the hydraulic medium for the hydraulic system:

For example, a machine tool such as a coordinate boring machine, if the linear guide oil viscosity (50 ° C) should be selected higher (40-90mm2 / s);

2. Select the viscosity of the rail oil according to the sliding speed and the average pressure:

Among them, the viscosity of the guide rail oil and the international GB7632: "Selection of lubricants for machine tools" are recommended in the two types of rail oils L-G68, L-G150 (comparable old number 40, 90).