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Where can I use the double-axis linear guide?

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The double-axis linear guide is a linear guide made of aluminum profiles. Therefore, it is also called aluminum profile linear guide. It is different from the traditional linear guide made of steel as the main material. The double-axis linear guide has anti-rust resistance. Characteristics of corrosion. So where can the two-axis linear guide be used? Let us first understand the characteristics of the lower double-axis linear guide (aluminum linear guide).

First, the material of the double-axis linear guide

The double-axis linear guide rail is made of aluminum alloy, which greatly reduces the weight of the whole conductor. At the same time, the aluminum alloy does not rust, has strong corrosion resistance and is easy to maintain. However, aluminum alloys have lower hardness and are easily deformed under high load conditions, so they are not suitable for objects with large weights, generally within 50KG. If this weight is exceeded, the number of sliders needs to be increased.

Second, the rolling mode of the double-axis linear guide

The double-axis linear guide is a U-shaped roller on the slider that is in contact with the steel shaft embedded inside or outside the guide rail, and realizes linear motion by rolling. The ball is sealed inside the roller and is not in contact with the air, so the ball is not worried. Touching dust or debris causes the card to be stuck; at the same time, the roller and the steel shaft are in line contact, the friction coefficient is small, the heat dissipation capability is strong, and the effect of high-speed mute can be achieved.

After understanding the characteristics of the aluminum profile linear guide, we can analyze which conditions are suitable for use.

1, low load. Such as laser cutting machines, jewelry showcase slides, printing presses, etc.;

2, high dust and debris working environment. Such as cutting, grinding, cutting and other machine tools, woodworking equipment, etc.;

3. There are requirements for noise. Such as the photography industry, medical equipment, etc.;

4. There is a requirement for speed. The maximum speed of the double-axis linear guide can reach 10 m / s;

5. There is a requirement for the overall weight. For example, high-grade furniture, the use of aluminum profiles can reduce the overall weight of the furniture;

6, there are health requirements. For example, in the food manufacturing industry, because the lubricating oil cannot be used, the double-axis linear guide can be maintenance-free and will not cause food contamination due to the addition of lubricating oil;