Modular design related problems of linear guides

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A linear motor is a driving device that directly converts electrical energy into linear motion by means of the principle of electromagnetic action.

    In recent years, a high-speed linear drive component composed of a linear motor and an aluminum alloy roller guide has emerged. Linear guides, like flat guides, have two basic components; one for the fixed component and the other for the moving component. Since linear guides are standard components, for machine tool builders. The only thing left to do is to machine the parallelism of the plane of the mounting rail and the alignment rail. Of course, in order to ensure the accuracy of the machine tool, a small amount of scraping of the bed or column is essential, and in most cases, the installation is relatively simple. Place two equal-weight blocks and a marble ruler on the mounting base and place a precision level to adjust the base level. The requirement is that the base is convex (2~3 grids).

  Inspection of the surface roughness, flatness, straightness and appearance of the linear guide. Requirements: After the horizontal adjustment is completed, the laser linear interferometer must be used to measure the installation surface of the main linear guide rail (we usually use a linear guide surface close to the right vertical column as the main guide rail). The flatness is allowed to be 0.05mm per 10m. The straightness of the stroke allows a convexity of 0.03 mm. The roughness requirement is 1.6, and the appearance has no casting defects. Chamfering of the linear guide mounting base surface and the rail side reference mounting surface. Requirement: The chamfer radius is less than or equal to 3.5mm. If the chamfer is too large or convex, it should be treated with oil stone and trowel in time. Otherwise, the accuracy of the guide rail will be poorly installed or the slider will be interfered. Linear guide rail mounting base surface locks the machining of threaded holes.

    The function of the line motion guide is to support and guide the moving parts to make a reciprocating linear motion in a given direction.