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Rapid promotion of micro-rail automation technology

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As an important component of the support and guiding motion, the linear guide can make reciprocating linear motion according to a given direction. If it depends on its conflicting nature, it can be divided into a sliding conflicting rail, a rolling conflicting rail, a flexible conflicting rail, and the like. A bad cloud condition usually occurs during operation.

In particular, some domestically produced guide rails have a relatively large gap, and the guide rails will swing to the side, so that bad noise will be formed between the sliders. Therefore, the technician must be highly vigilant about the "missing signals" of the linear guide bearings. It is good to use auditory recognition.

With the increasing demand of the linear guide rail market, there are many high-end products in the country, and the demand is also increasing. It is necessary to avoid the problem of the linear guide rail during the operation. However, it is necessary to regularly operate the linear guide rail to avoid rust. Apply with high quality mineral oil.