LMA linear guides stable credit requirements

Time:2019/7/1Author:adminClick: 1783
In recent years, LMA linear guides have also developed very well with the development of CNC machine tools. Industry insiders say that it is expected to be used stably for a long time to ensure its longevity. However, how to ensure the long-term stable use of linear guides?


In order to make our products usable in transmission machinery for a long time, the characteristics of our products must be very advanced! In all mechanical transmissions, the transmission is the most widely used and can be used between any two axes. Passing movement and motivation. The transmission has the characteristics of smooth transmission, accurate transmission ratio, reliable operation, high efficiency, long service life, high power consumption, fast speed and large size range.


In order to make better use of linear guides, cleaning linear guides is an inevitable task; guide rails and straight shafts are one of the core components of the equipment for guiding and supporting. In order to ensure high machining accuracy of the machine tool, the guide rail and the straight line have high guiding precision and good motion stability. During the operation of the equipment, the processed workpiece will produce a large amount of corrosive dust and smoke during the processing. This kind of soot will deposit on the surface of the guide rail and the linear shaft for a long time, which has a great influence on the processing precision of the equipment. Corrosion spots on the surface of the linear guide spool reduce the life of the equipment.


LMA linear guide is the most commonly used machine tool and precision mechanical transmission component on machine tools. It has the advantages of high precision, good reversibility and high efficiency. If you want to ensure its basic life and extend its life, then daily maintenance is very important. Dry cotton cloth can be used to clean the linear guides and then be maintained with oil. To ensure the quality of product processing, the daily maintenance of the guide rails and linear shafts is the prerequisite for the normal and stable operation of the machine.