The difference between the ball guide and the roller guide in the linear guide, which is better?

Time:2018/7/12Author:adminClick: 4184
In the series of linear guides, many people can easily confuse the ball guides and the roller guides. The two are not easy to distinguish on the exterior.
As long as you can see the difference between the two, the ball guide is generally made of steel ball, and its roller is also like an oblate wheel.
The components are two-track or three-section rails, and there are bottom rails. In fact, most of them belong to ball guides. Musical Linear Guides Just like some of the more common guide rails and steel plates on the market, most of them are roller.
The advantage of a ball guide, for example, is that it is relatively good at the event and will not be exposed.
However, the roller guides will be different, just like the daily use of the home, the drawer rails, the drawer guides used in most families are all balls.
If the roller is used, it may happen that in the process of pushing and pulling, if the force is not controlled, it is easy to get stuck or all of it is taken out, and the ball guide is generated, and the ball guide is less prone to such a problem. Because they have their own fixed system. There is also a kind of easy to mix
It is a roller guide, which will be elaborated later.