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The reason why linear guides are called core components in many automation industries

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The name of the linear guide should be called a linear slide. It uses the slider as the main moving part, the steel ball acts as the moving medium, and drives the slider to perform the reciprocating swing operation.

In the planning of linear guides, it is not purely a fantasy of sliders and guide rails, but also a lot of planning and consideration. The most part is the component. In order to maintain the slider to move better on the guide rail, and because of the long working time of its own composition, the touch surface is taken into account in the planning of the slider and the track, and the contact area is enlarged, and the touch area is reduced. Together, the pressure of the entire slider is also distributed to the steel ball between the guide rail and the slider, so that the slider can slide more and more freely.

   Mechanical maintenance is already a craft inspection program that many companies must perform at the end of each month. The purpose of doing this is naturally self-evident, in order to ensure the normal operation of the machine and the replacement of normal aging parts. One of the most important things in the replacement of the aging parts required by these workers is the linear guide.

Linear guides are a core component of many automated production machines and a core component with high precision requirements. Whether it's a large machine or an automated machine, it's very important. If it's worn out, it can cause the whole frame to be unusable and present a mechanical failure. The reason why it is so simple and wearable, the biggest problem lies in the local touch of the guide rail and the slider. This local is very fragile, mainly using steel balls as the center of the conductor, instead of using other media, and the gap of the steel ball will always be Fill with some roller oil or roller grease. However, with the passage of time, long-term wear and tear, the degree of wear of the steel ball will still increase.

The structure of the linear guide seems to be very simple. Generally speaking, only three or more parts, steel balls, sliders and guide rails are needed. However, only the wear of the steel ball exceeds a certain limit, and the precision will show a wide range of deviation. The entire core component is needed.