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How to choose the linear guide and ball screw

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Linear guide selection

The so-called linear guide is a trajectory that is only used for transportation. Common linear guide rails include railways, elevator running tanks, and tanks for factory transportation. The linear guides do not appear in the same days as the rice, oil, and vinegar tea, but for the entire national production and day activities. Both play a vital role. When you buy a linear guide, you want to be able to pick it better. So how do you determine which linear guide is suitable?

1, high bearing capacity

No matter what kind of item is used for the linear guide, the linear guide with high bearing capacity is undoubtedly better. Due to the relatively high linearity of the load-bearing rails, there is not much constraint on the weight of the items to be conveyed, and the linear guide rails will not be damaged due to temporary negligence or some necessary transport conditions. The service life of linear guides with higher bearing capacity will be much higher than that of linear guides with lower bearing capacity.

2, easy to maintain

Just like a flower without a hundred red, the linear guide can not always adhere to the initial use effect, want to extend the service life of the linear guide, usually it is necessary to do regular maintenance, usually need to add some smooth oil to the linear guide, add The smoothness of the linear guides reduces the conflict and then extends the service life of the linear guides. Linear guides with some materials cannot be smoothed and are troublesome in terms of maintenance.

3, beautiful workmanship
In the selection of linear guides, the beautifully crafted linear guides are also better. Due to the exquisite workmanship, the conflict between the articles and the linear guides is greatly reduced during the transportation process, and then the service life of the linear guides is extended, and the prevention can also be prevented. Unnecessary accidents, such as items being stuck during the delivery process.

In general, linear guides play an important role in our daily production and life. When selecting linear guides, it is best to select linear guides with relatively high bearing capacity, better maintenance, and more beautiful workmanship.