Basic situation of linear guides

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Bearings are a type of thing that many people know, and they are often mentioned in everyday life. It is very powerful and is used to carry negative

A type of equipment, but the linear guide is not often seen. It is also a kind of bearing. It is separated from the refinement, and it is divided into two categories.

These two categories differ in speed and accuracy. So what does this device do? From the point of view of the name, it has a guiding role, the same

At the same time as guiding the components, it also plays a role in supporting the load, and the accuracy requirements of such devices are relatively high.
     This kind of equipment has its own characteristics compared with other kinds. First of all, it has relatively high automatic repair and adjustment ability even if it is installed.

The process is biased and can be repaired by self-regulation. Therefore, it has a high degree of non-disorder. The second feature is interchangeability, which